Actually, the mastering engineer made this record listenable. I mixed it myself, and I did the best that I could. But Hans DeKline, for anybody out there who's looking for a great mastering engineer--I'm not kidding... if you heard the mixes versus the record... I just don't know how he did it. I didn't want anyone else to have their hands on it. I just wanted to try and do the best that I could. It's funny when I listen to the mixes now, it's like, 'Holy s**t. How did he do that?' I'm serious. He may as well have been a player on the record. Hans is great.

Matthew Ryanwww.matthewryanonline.com
(as quoted in the Huffington Post)

Hans Dekline is a gem for recording artists of any level. Knowing what a profound impact a few hours of mastering can have on the overall sonic result, Hans is sensitive to the artist's vision and coveys a genuine, ego-less desire to help the artist achieve it.

Conrad Korsch(Rod Stewart's bassist)

One of the best engineers in L.A.! Period. Working with Hans was a great experience for me. My album sounds fuller, as loud as mainstream hip-hop albums and all the levels are consistent. He was able to give each song what it needed... from neo-soul to my rock tracks he definitely had the ears and expertise to polish the Bentley.

Octavia Harriswww.octaviaharris.com

I've worked with hans for over 15 years. when it's up to me, he masters everything I produce. He's the master of mastering! He's got great ears and knows exactly what each project needs in order to sound amazing, no matter the style of music. And some people say he is the only person on earth that can actually polish a turd. But that's just what i've heard.

Greg Richling, Music Producerwww.bkentertainmentgroup.com/greg-richling

I had the invaluable experience of getting to work for Hans as an assistant shortly after I graduated college. Not only was I appreciative that he was willing to PAY for an intern (if you're a sound engineer you know what I'm talking about) but I was excited that he was willing to teach me what he knows... Why do I keep using Hans? Because he is first and foremost, a music lover. Second, he is an honest dude. Third, he does amazing work for a great price. I use Hans for every release I do. You should too.

Justin Bates, Producer/Mixerwww.justinaudio.com

I have had the ability work with dozens and dozens of mastering engineers in my 11 years of making records. Most mastering engineers are neither here nor there, some are disappointing, and the rare few 'wow' you. Hans is definitely the latter. Additionally Hans provides the best value I know of. I recommend him without hesitation to all of my clients, which is putting my neck on the line, and they always come back to me with glowing happiness. Having Hans as a part of my record production team makes my services more valuable, makes me look good! thanks Hans!

Bryan Cook, Engineer/Mixerwww.juicemonster.net

Choosing your mastering engineer is like choosing your surgeon-- you want the most talented guy you can find, and you want the results to be an improvement on the original but otherwise invisible. Hans is my guy.

Jonathan Leahy, The Broken Remotes, White Seawww.thebrokenremotes.com

Being introduced to Hans has been a game-changer for me as a producer in L.A. He's a top-rate mastering engineer who understands both the challenges of mastering in the to-the-max digital age and the necessity for and value of headroom. Every project I've received back from him has greatly and noticeably benefitted from his work. In these times of multi-studio, budget-challenged projects, it's very comforting to know that there's somebody at the finish who is going to tie the whole thing together with skill and class.

Aaron Tap, Producerwww.aarontap.com

I had the privilege of utililizing his expertise in mastering an album. First off, his mastery in the art of mastering is topnotch. I had auditioned about 4 other competitors prior to hiring him. The quality of his results is immensely superior to other competitors in Los Angeles (and mind you, the other companies were charging twice or thrice more than Hans' rate). He makes a good recording sound great!!!!!

Ritchie LaPazwww.myspace.com/missionhillofficial

Hans DeKline has mastered my last three albums and working with him is a pleasure. Not only are his mastering skills flawless, but his communication during the process makes the whole experience stress free. I will be using his services for any future projects.

Helen Austinwww.helenaustin.com

After being thrilled with the job my producer and mix engineer Michael Eisenstein did on my solo record, I didn't think much more needed to be done. Michael suggested hiring Hans DeKline at Sound Bites Dog to master the record and frankly I wasn't expecting any major noticeable difference; I just knew that the record had to be mastered as a matter of course. The masters we got back put my expectations to shame. With Hans' touch, they were transformed from great mixes to stellar radio-ready tracks! Sound Bites Dog has a repeat customer in me. Many records that I produce or perform on are now sent to Hans to apply the finishing touches. Masters always come back with well defined bass response, midrange that hits you where it's supposed to, sparkly high end, and essentially that extra shine that makes a recording stand out. Above all, respect is always given to the artist, the mix, and the idiom.

Seth Freemanwww.sethfreemanmusic.com

I loved our mixes before Hans got his hands on them....but I REALLY love them now! Quick and easy and our record is complete!

Eric Holdenwww.basstracks.org

Before working with Hans my experience and expectation of good mastering was cleaning up my tracking and mixing mess as best as possible, reigning the album in 'till it didn't sound as reckless and gaudy as I had made it. Hans gets it. That's the best way I can put it. He immediately recognizes the bold strokes on an album and makes them beautiful while tucking away any short comings with gracious discretion. His uncanny ability to know just what to do makes me wonder if he has had the tracking and mixing rooms bugged throughout the record. An impeccable professional, Hans is honest, flexible, and a real pleasure to work with through the logistics of post production.

David Kuwabaraproducer/mixer of Alexander Fairchild & Royal

I hired Hans to master my record and he did a great job. He was fun to work with and he made my partner and I feel like we could trust him with our record. I tend to be very detail oriented and a perfectionist about my work and Hans did not stop until we were completely satisfied.

Silas Hite/Project Parallelhttp://www.projectparallel.com