$85/song online delivery
Instrumental versions add $10/song
DDP (disc image for manufacture): add $85
MfiT (Mastered For iTunes) add $25/song
Expedited service (front of the line) add $20/song

My rates are à la carte but I’m willing to do package deals depending on your needs and payment method. Anything else, just ask. I master around 1200 songs a year, know my room and speakers like the back of my hand and love what I do. If that sounds good to you then let’s make it sound great.

All rates reflect mastering and revisions (if need be).

Our lead time is generally within 7-9 business days of receiving your files and a deposit (not including shipping time for hardcopies).

Please note that we do not store mastered files or sessions for longer than 30 days past the completion of your project.


We accept cash, check, Paypal, Chase Quick Pay, Square Cash or Venmo. Hopefully you can find one of these that works for you. Please be aware that all checks and money orders require advance notice and the funds must clear our bank before you receive the finished master. This can sometimes add a week or two to our lead-time… please plan accordingly.

For mastering, we also require a deposit of half the total amount to begin each full length CD or EP. This ensures that both our clients and ourselves are committed to the quality and timely execution of your project.