Mastering is the intermediate step between your final mix and replication/distribution. Almost every commercially-released album or song is mastered regardless of the budget, label, or studio behind it. Mastering can dramatically improve the sound quality, clarity, consistency, stereo image, spatial depth, portability and volume of your mixes. It is both a technical process and an art form that relies on an individual’s skill, experience and good taste. No hardware device will automatically “master” your music; no plug-in preset can craft the best results for your unique mixes.

Hans DeKline is a Los Angeles based mastering engineer. He launched Sound Bites Dog 10 years ago to provide custom and affordable mastering to musicians from all walks of life. Each master is tailored to your specific needs and tempered with our musicality, professionalism and friendly demeanor. The proof is always in the pudding: PROVIDE US ONE OF YOUR SONGS AND WE’LL MASTER A FREE SAMPLE!



Sound Bites Dog uses a combination of hi-end digital and analog technology. We have meticulously researched and designed a mixing/mastering studio that balances function and fidelity with the constraints of modern budgets. There are no machines that go “ping” or 10 varieties of the latest re-invention of the wheel collecting dust. We aim to impress you with our sound and rates.

Some of what we feature:

JCF Custom Monitor Controller
Crane Song HEDD 192
Manley Variable Mu (Mastering Version)
Dramastic Obsidian Stereo Comp
NTI Airband EQ3
SPL Vitalizer Stereo MK 2-T
VPI HW19 w/ Rega RB300 & Grado
Halfer 9505
Yamaha NS-10s with SW-10
Dyanudio BM5As
Furman IT-1220
Waves Diamond
Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec
Sonnox Inflator/Limiter
A.O.M. Invisible Limiter